The WATCHOUT Implementation of RTTrPM


Dataton WATCHOUT is your fast track to creating spectacular shows. Use WATCHOUT to compose and manage all the different media elements in your show - video, still images, animations, graphics, live feeds, sound - and then play it back on multiple displays.

WATCHOUT has no limitations on displays, channels or resolutions and is the choice of professional show creators worldwide. Applications include live events, 3D mapping, broadcast, signage, museums, planetariums, theater, visitor attractions and experience centers - whenever you want to make an impact!

WATCHOUT's interaction with the RTTrPM protocol is handled by a Dataton media server, WATCHMAX. This receives positional data which is then applied to media (within WATCHOUT) and mapped on to moving objects.


  • WATCHOUT receives the Trackable (without Timestamp), Trackable (with Timestamp), Centroid Position, and Orientation (Quaternion) modules

  • WATCHOUT uses little endian and the stage coordinate system

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