Modulo Kinetic

The Modulo Kinetic Implementation of RTTrPM


Modulo Kinetic is the ultimate media and show management platform. It offers the most advanced tools required for the most prestigious projects, and brings them into one logical and fully integrated ecosystem. Modulo Kinetic provides flexibility, productivity and performance through each stage of your project, from design to playback. Modulo Kinetic can receive RTTrPM to move rigid body according the sended data.

Modulo Kinetic - RTTrPM

  • Modulo Kinetic receives the Tackable (without Timestamp), Trackable (with Timestamp), Centroid Position, Tracked Point Position, Centroid Acceleration and Velocity, Tracked Point Acceleration and Velocity, Orientation (Quaternion), and Orientation (Euler) modules

  • Modulo Kinetic uses big endian and the stage cordinate system